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Your FICO® Score is Available for You on OnLine Teller


We are proud to introduce the FICO® Score Service, now available through OnLine Teller so you are able to view your updated credit score for FREE each month!


Your FICO® Score is used by 90% of lenders to make credit decisions and determine how much

you’ll pay on a loan. It’s now accessible to you 24/7 right at your fingertips. All you need to do is

log into OnLine Teller and click on the “FICO® Score” tab to enroll. It’s that simple.

Getting your free credit score is just another perk of being a member of American Heritage!

Log in to OnLine Teller and get your free FICO® Score today!

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries

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Now Open In New Jersey!
American Heritage has crossed the Delaware River just like our founding father George Washington! Our full-service branch in Bellmawr, New Jersey features a Surcharge-Free ATM and FREE “Lucy Change” Coin Counting Machine. Stop by this new convenient branch today!


Bellmawr Office 
203 East Browning Road 
Bellmawr, NJ 08031

Branch Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 8 – 5
Thursday: 8 – 6
Friday: 8 – 7 
Saturday: 9 - 3


Our Stock Exchange branch is Moving!

Our Stock Exchange branch is moving to a new and improved location in the Murano Building at 2101 Market Street — just a block away from our current location.

Our new, state-of-the-art Murano Branch features:

Surcharge-FREE ATM

2 Personal Automated Teller (PAT®) Machines

“Lucy Change” Coin Counting Machine

Cutting-Edge Technology and much more!

Come visit us at our new location in March!


Our Platinum Chip MasterCard is Coming Soon!

American Heritage is excited to bring added security features to our members. We will soon be rolling out our Platinum Chip MasterCard with added security elements you won’t find with traditional magnetic strip cards.

What makes this card different than others? The Platinum Chip MasterCard has an embedded computer chip.

The chip helps protect all the information associated with your card from fraud. This will give you comfort knowing that it is actually more secure than cash and has an added layer of innovative fraud protection you won’t find in cards that only have a magnetic stripe.

As you’ve read in the news, thieves from around the world are deploying every technology imaginable to capture consumers’ personal data and steal your money. With your American Heritage Platinum Chip MasterCard, every transaction you make with your chip card will be encoded in a safe mode with data from the computer chip embedded in your card. This means that it would be extremely difficult for anyone but the owner of the card to use it because of the new technology involved. The chip will also protect your card from being counterfeited.

Feel at ease knowing American Heritage is on your side, working to provide you with the best and latest tools to keep you
r financial information secure.


Do it Now! Protect Yourself with FREE eAlerts!.
You've read the news. Another major theft of digital credentials has occurred and financial institutions are seeing a rise in fraudulent transactions. At American Heritage, your account security is our number one priority. That's why we employ the latest technology to protect your account. Read more about our Falcon Fraud Protection System.

Here are several important steps you can
take to help keep your account information secure:

When getting cash from any ATM, make sure that a card skimmer box hasn't been placed over the regular card slot. Skimmers pick up your personal information from the magnetic stripe on the back of your card.

Use different passwords for all of the websites you use online. One common weakness of consumer credential management is the use of common passwords for multiple sites. Without this precaution, hackers stealing your Facebook password can get into your Amazon account.

Don't fall for "phishing" scams. Do not give your account number out to anyone over the phone. Remember, American Heritage will never ask for your account number or Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you believe your debit or credit card has been compromised, call 215-969-0777 or 800-342-0008 during regular business hours or 1-800-991-4965 after hours (24/7).


How to Protect Yourself

ADD eALERTS TO YOUR AMERICAN HERITAGE ACCOUNT. Staying up-to-date on your account activity through eAlerts protects you against fraud and identity theft. eAlerts are real-time text or email message notifications sent directly to your mobile device or email address to inform you instantly of transactions on your account. Best of all, our eAlert program is FREE*.

To protect yourself specifically from fraud on your debit/checking account, make sure you are using the "Large debit card or ATM transaction Alert."

eAlerts are easy to set up. Click here to go directly to the OnLine Teller login page to set up your eAlerts now.

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Quick Instructions

Within OnLine Teller, from the menu at the top of the page, choose "eAlerts". Then choose "Add eAlert." From the drop down menu, choose "Large debit card or ATM transaction Alert" and click "Continue."

For maximum protection, choose to get eAlerts on "All available accounts" and because fraud generally occurs in small dollar amounts via multiple transactions, we recommend you set your "minimum purchase amount" at $10 or less.

Add your contact information and you're done. You've just added an extra layer of protection to your account and invaluable peace of mind.

Still have questions about security? Visit our Member Security page on our website.