A Message from the American Heritage CEO

img-ceoWe at American Heritage want you to say “WOW!”

Welcome to American Heritage Federal Credit Union. I trust you have been able to easily navigate our website and utilize our many services. You’ll find important information on this site to support the money management decisions you make every day.

As a credit union, we are a financial cooperative with a single goal: to improve the lives of our members. Since we are a not-for-profit, unlike a bank or conventional financial organization, we are able to provide you with lower rates on loans and credit cards and higher rates on savings. And you won’t find any hidden fees, either. American Heritage offers all of the services and conveniences of a bank with fewer and lower fees. We like to say we’re the “Home of the FREE”, where you won’t get nickel-and-dimed to death every time you do a transaction.

Another difference is that we are a FAMILY organization. The American Heritage staff really cares about helping you meet your financial goals.

Here’s one more thing you won’t hear from a bank CEO: If you have a problem with our service, I want you to contact me. Send me an email, and I’ll look in to your issue immediately. Of course, I’d also appreciate it if you contact me with news of a good experience, too!

At American Heritage, we are committed to getting better every single day. When we make mistakes or fail to meet your high expectations, we learn and get better and grow as an organization. When we do that, we want to hear you say “WOW!”


President/CEO Signature
Bruce K. Foulke, CEO and President