On-Site Financing for Your Customers

Don't let your customers walk away from a successful sale because financing is an issue. American Heritage Federal Credit Union offers a one-of-a-kind on-site financing program for major purchases through our Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard. This unique program allows your customers to not only fund their purchase at point of sale at an incredibly low rate, but also provides them with a low-rate ongoing line of credit for their everyday use beyond their purchase today.

How Your Company Can Offer Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard:

Call us at (215) 969-0777 , option 4 and let us know that your company is interested in offering on-site financing to your customers through the Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard program.

One of our Merchant Direct Lending specialists will arrange an on-site meeting with you and your management team to go over the program. If you are already an American Heritage sponsor company, you'll simply need to complete the Merchant Dealer Agreement. Once you've been approved for the program, we'll schedule a roll-out date. We'll provide training for your employees, system testing to ensure a quality connection and all the marketing materials you will need.

If you are not already an American Heritage partner company, we'll help you complete the Merchant Dealer Agreement and take your membership application during our visit. Once you're approved as a partner company and are approved for the Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard program, you can open a business account and schedule your Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard roll-out.

Here’s How It Works for Your Customers:

When you offer your customers a Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard at the time of purchase, they're not waiting for a credit card to come in the mail. They are financing their purchase immediately, but because our Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard is a credit line, they may be approved for a credit limit beyond the cost of the transaction.

Qualifying applicants can qualify for up to a $40,000 credit line. Once the purchase is complete, the amount of the transaction is charged to their Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard. The difference between that amount and their credit line is available to them to use just as they would any credit card.

When they receive their card, they'll enjoy the convenience of a low introductory annual percentage rate, low ongoing annual percentage rate, and extra value-added benefits. They'll even earn ScoreCard Reward Points for brand-name merchandise and awesome travel rewards on all future purchases.

Please note: As part of the agreement between American Heritage Federal Credit Union and your company to provide on-site financing via American Heritage’s “Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard,” the customer's initial purchase is processed as a cash advance, and is therefore not eligible for ScoreCard Reward points. All subsequent qualifying purchases will be eligible for ScoreCard Rewards.

For Example:

Your customer's purchase today may be $6,000 for home improvements. However, when their application is reviewed, we find they qualify for $20,000. We’ll approve them for the $6,000 purchase and issue them a Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard that has an additional $14,000 in available credit—a total credit line of $20,000.

The Benefit of Membership:

Customers financing their purchase with an American Heritage Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard get another important benefit, as well—credit union membership. Along with your customer's application, we'll ask you the merchant to forward their completed membership account card (which we provide you) and identification information to American Heritage.

Once their application is approved, we will even fund the required initial $15 membership deposit! As a member, they'll enjoy higher savings rates, lower loan rates and fewer and lower fees on the financial services they use every day.

That's it. You can assure your customer that there are no additional fees associated with obtaining on-site financing with our Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard. And our Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard has no balance transfer fee, no cash advance fee and no annual fee. Plus, they could get a special introductory rate on all balance transfers and purchases made during the first six months of use for an additional 24 months!

So Offer More Than Traditional On-Site Financing!

Break away from traditional financing deals and use a better option - American Heritage’s Merchant Direct Platinum MasterCard. For more information, call (215) 969-0777 , option 4 for more information.