Courtesy Pay

Get peace of mind with courtesy payWe understand how busy people can be. It often happens that members sometimes write checks or use our Independence Debit Card for more than they have available in their accounts. American Heritage Courtesy Pay is a service for such emergencies.

If you have already established an Overdraft Protection Transfer from your Shared Savings account, we will attempt to cover the overdraft with this method first. If you have not established Overdraft Protection Transfer or your Shared Savings account does not have sufficient funds to cover the transaction, Courtesy Pay will pay for items that otherwise would be returned as Not Sufficient Funds (NSF).

There is no charge to sign up for Courtesy Pay. All we require is that you opt-in to the service. There is an American Heritage fee for each Courtesy Pay transaction. Note: Not all members qualify for Courtesy Pay. 

View Courtesy Pay Fee Schedule

To opt-in to American Heritage Courtesy Pay, call: (215) 969-0777