American Heritage Identity Protection

American Heritage Identity Protection is a special benefit for members that guards against someone using your identity to make transactions. With American Heritage Identity Protection, you are covered financially if a fraud occurs. We also offer proactive protection measures that help prevent identity theft.

 Identity Protection CheckingIdentity Protection Savings
Monthly Cost$3.00$4.00
Card Patrol with Social Security Number Monitoring™
Fraud Assist Toolbox
Identity Theft Support Service
Identity Theft Support
Payment Card Protection

Card Patrol with Social Security Number Monitoring 1

  • A sophisticated web-crawling technology that monitors online websites, social media, blogs and chat rooms for member social security numbers or debit/credit card numbers
  • If your information is found online, you are sent an email and/or a text alert
  • You can act immediately to re-secure the information and report any fraudulent transactions

Fraud Assist Toolbox

  • Stops “pre-approved” credit offers
  • Sets fraud alerts and streamlines identify theft and recovery process

Identity Theft Support Service

  • Professional assistance to organize your paperwork, notify creditors, obtain legal counsel

Identity Theft Insurance

  • Dealing with identity theft can be time-consuming and costly. Identity Theft Insurance pays up to $2,500 in compensation for qualified expenses incurred in the recovery of a stolen identity


  • An educational website so you can keep up-to-date on identity theft issues
  • Sign up for eight e-newsletters a year that report the latest scams and ID protection tactics

Payment Card Protection2

  • Register your debit, credit, ATM and check cards and receive professional help- to cancel cards, order new cards and stop unauthorized purchases
  • If you are more than 50 miles from home and report the cards as lost or stolen, you have access to an Emergency Cash Advance and Emergency Airline Tickets
  • Visit a local American Heritage branch to enroll: View on map
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1 Card Patrol™ monitors up to ten registered credit/debit cards and your Social Security number on the Internet, based on an extensive search of directories and Internet chat rooms; however, it is impossible to ensure that all directories and Internet chat rooms have been searched for your personal information. Accordingly, your monitoring alert reports may not contain or apprise you of all your personal information that is publicly available or that may have been compromised.

2 Some financial institutions may require you to call them directly and will not accept notification from third parties in which case we will contact you so that you can call your financial institution directly. You will be invoiced within 30 days of your request for the amount of the cash and/or cost of the airline ticket. The federal Fair Credit Billing Act gives you the right to dispute billing errors, such as unauthorized charges, on your credit card by notifying your credit card company in writing within 60 days after the first bill containing the error was sent to you. The credit card company must resolve the dispute within two billing cycles (not to exceed 90 days) after receiving your notification. You may withhold payment on the disputed amount (and related charges) during the investigation. You must pay the amount not in dispute. You will be informed in writing whether your bill is correct or contains an error. If your bill contains an error, it will be corrected. Your liability for unauthorized charges is limited to $50 per credit card. You are not required to enroll in Payment Card Protection to maintain your credit card.