American Heritage ScoreCard® Rewards


American Heritage wants our members to get the most out of every dollar they spend. With ScoreCard® Rewards, you earn points for valuable merchandise and travel with every dollar you spend using your American Heritage Independence Debit Card or American Heritage Platinum Mastercard!

How ScoreCard® Rewards Works

Earn Points

  • American Heritage Independence Debit Card: Earn one Scorecard® Reward point for every $2 you spend using the “credit” function (not debit)
  • American Heritage Platinum Mastercard: Earn one ScoreCard® Reward point for every $1 you spend

Combine Points

  • You can combine points from your Independence Debit Card and Platinum Mastercard
  • You can combine points from cards from other members of your family
  • ScoreCard® Reward points never expire

Redeem Points for Merchandise and Travel

  • Visit ScoreCard® Reward Points and choose merchandise! 
  • Name Brand Products | Air Travel and Travel Certificates | Adventures & Experiences
  • Visit the ScoreCard® Reward webpage at any time to view your total points – your points are also noted on your monthly American Heritage statement

Need Assistance?

ScoreCard® Reward Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding major holidays: (800) 854-0790


MasterCard® SecureCode™

img-mc-seccode-logoMasterCard SecureCode is an online security service to protect you against unauthorized use of your MasterCard while shopping online at participating merchants.

With MasterCard SecureCode, there’s no need for a new card, no software to download, no cost and no hassles – just added security. Once enrolled in this service, you’ll have added confidence knowing that MasterCard SecureCode performs an extra authorization step to protect your account from unauthorized users online.
Get more details on MasterCard Secure works.

Falcon Fraud Protection

Falcon Fraud Protection is a service to guard against unauthorized use of your debit or credit card in online transactions. Falcon analyzes transactions as they occur to minimize risk and provide an extra layer of protection. Falcon is FREE to American Heritage members – all you need to do is sign up.
Learn more about how Falcon Fraud Protection works.

Don’t Have an Independence Debit Card or Platinum Mastercard?

Visit any American Heritage office. View our map of office locations.
Call an AMHFCU representative during business hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Friday except holidays): (215) 969-0777
Phone outside the Philadelphia area: (800) 342-0008