Home Equity Loans
Get the money you need at a rate you can afford

If you have built up equity in your home, you can use that equity to get a loan for home improvements, school tuition, bill consolidation or even a vacation. American Heritage has a variety of Home Equity Loan programs to match your needs and financial status.

American Heritage Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan gives you a single lump sum of money you can use however you choose.
You get a low fixed-rate and an affordable monthly payment that will never increase.

A home equity loan is perfect to pay off large bills like student loans, consolidate high-interest debts, or finance a big event like a wedding or dream vacation.

American Heritage Home Equity Line of Credit American Heritage Home Equity Loans and Lines

A home equity line of credit gives you easy, ongoing access to cash — kind of like a credit card. Your line comes with a low variable rate that can change over the life of your line.

A home equity line is great for extended projects like home renovations. If you've wanted a new kitchen or family room, if you've dreamed of a bigger master bedroom or new master bath — a home equity line can give you the money to turn the home you have into the home you've always wanted.

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