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Whether you’re a new homebuyer or looking to refinance your current home, call American Heritage. As a credit union, we can offer rates and services you won’t find at conventional banks. Plus, we will treat you like family!

American Heritage is a full-service mortgage provider, offering a comprehensive range of services and a variety of terms:American Heritage Mortgages

  • Fixed-rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • FHA, VA, USDA, and PHFA Mortgage loans
  • FREE Pre-approvals
  • Construction Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans

Buying your first home? 

Get up to $5,000 towards down payment and closing costs!

Through the First Front Door (FFD) program, qualified homebuyers can
receive a 3-to-1 matching contribution from a participating FFD lender.
That means that for every $1 you contribute, you can receive $3 in
grant assistance, up to a maximum of $5,000.

The program will open on April 4, 2018, but click here for more details and how to get started today.

Free Pre-Approval for your Mortgage!

Before you begin your home search, be sure to get a FREE pre-approval for your mortgage. With a pre-approval, you’ll know how much you can afford, and you’ll have a competitive edge over other prospective buyers.

Our American Heritage Mortgage loan staff will help you purchase your home, supporting you every step of the way! Ready to discuss a Mortgage loan? Call an American Heritage Mortgage professional at (215) 969-0777 .

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Better Homes of American Heritage Federal Realty:
A Full-Service Real Estate Firmimg-better-homes-logo

Better Homes of American Heritage Federal Realty is a full-service real estate firm solely owned and operated by American Heritage. Through our partnership, we provide homebuyers and sellers with expert advice, Mortgage and market analytic tools and a dedicated staff who will support you every step of the way. 

Learn more about Better Homes of American Heritage Federal Realty or call (855) 525-7900



  1. Interest rates are projected to rise
    The U.S. Federal Reserve raised the interest rate it charges banks. The Mortgage Banks Association projects that 30-year mortgage interest rates will rise above 5 percent this year.
  2. Home prices are rising
    Average home prices are increasing about 4.5 percent nationally, a trend that is expected to continue for several years.
  3. Competition is increasing
    Many people put off buying a home during the Recession, but that pent-up demand is now entering the market and will compete for your dream house.
  4. Owning a home creates family wealth
    In recent studies, the Federal Reserve found that the average homeowner’s net worth is 30 times greater than a renter.
  5. Buy low, sell high
    Home ownership can create family wealth if you follow good investment principles: Buy at the lowest price possible, and hold on to your investment until you can sell it at a higher price. Today’s real estate is selling “low” compared to where it will be in coming years – it’s time to buy!