Pay all your Bills in one location

American Heritage Bill Pay

American Heritage OnLine Bill Payer makes paying bills better, easier and more convenient than ever, giving you more freedom to enjoy life. With Bill Payer, you control the amount of the payment and the designated date that each payment is sent. You can schedule payments in advance, instructing Bill Payer to automatically transfer funds from your Credit Union account on the day you specify. 

Here's what you can expect when you enroll into Bill Payer:

  • Enhanced details to your Bill Payments
  • Ability to confirm if your Bill was sent electronically or by paper check
  • Increased security when adding a new Bill: When you add a new Bill to your account, you will be prompted to verify your identity via a text message or phone call. This will help protect your account from potential fraud.
  • Use Pay a Person to transfer funds to a person with a different financial institution with ease.

How to sign up for Bill Payer

If you have an American Heritage checking account

  • Log on to OnLine Teller
  • Click "Bill Payer" option
  • Your Bill Payer service is now activated. Enter the vendors and payment dates for automatic or variable payments