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With American Heritage, you get secure account access anytime, anywhere, from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. With OnLine Teller, you can:

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Bill Payer

With American Heritage, you can pay all of your bills electronically, without writing a check. American Heritage Bill Payer is particularly useful for bills you pay every month, like mortgage, rent and utilities.

With Bill Payer, you control the amount of the payment and the designated date that each payment is sent. You can schedule payments in advance, instructing Bill Payer to automatically transfer funds from your Credit Union account on the day you specify.

How Bill Payer Works

When you set up your American Heritage Bill Payer service, you name each company that you want to pay and enter your account number with that company. Enter the information once, and Bill Payer will remember the information for all future payments.

For Same Recurring Payments: Some bills are the same each month, like rent or mortgage payments. For these bills, designate the amount and date and American Heritage Bill Payer will automatically transfer funds from your account to the vendor.

A recurring payment request will be processed on the date you have designated, unless such a date falls on a non-business day. If the date is a non-business day, your payments are processed in advance in order to make the payment by the due date. For example, if your recurring payment falls on a Saturday, the funds will be debited in advance in order to be paid on Friday. If the date you designate is in the period of the 28th through the 31st of a month, Bill Payer will automatically process the payment on the last calendar day of the month.

For Variable Recurring Payments: Bills like utilities arrive each month, but the amount due differs each month. For variable bills, American Heritage Bill Payer will electronically transfer funds from your account to the vendor. As a reminder, please be aware that you must enter the new amount.

For variable payments, American Heritage will process payments on the business day you designate, generally Monday through Friday, except holidays Payments are sent once daily at 8 A.M. If the payment is made after 8 A.M., it will be processed the next business day.

We will attempt 3 times to pay a bill that is scheduled. If there are not sufficient funds in the account, the payment will not be processed and an email will be sent. 2 more attempts will be made, each with a follow up email if the payment cannot be processed. After the 3rd attempt, the payment will not be processed and will need to be rescheduled when funds are available.

Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure Statement
Bill Payments are processed by Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT). Review the Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure Statement you received when you opened your account. This Disclosure Statement discloses important information concerning your rights and obligations.

How to sign up for Bill Payer
If you have an American Heritage checking account

  • Log on to OnLine Teller
  • Click "Pay Bills" option
  • Your Bill Payer service is now activated. Enter the vendors and payment dates for automatic or variable payments