Notary Services and Medallion STAMP Services

American Heritage Notary Services American Heritage offers free Notary services and Medallion STAMP to its members, and it’s available at every branch.

A Notary is an impartial, state-licensed legal witness to the signing of a document. The Notary will acknowledge the signing with his or her own signature and with a notary seal on the document.

The Medallion STAMP is a signature guarantee program for the safe transfer of securities.  By endorsing the securities transfer document with the Medallion STAMP, the transferring financial institution (AMHFCU) is guaranteeing that your signature is genuine.

To have a document notarized or Medallion STAMP guaranteed:

  • The signer must present a valid photo ID and sign a log book
  • Must sign the document in the presence of the Notary or authorized Medallion STAMP endorser

Contact your local branch before you visit to ensure that a notary or Medallion STAMP endorser will be available.

Notary Public Fee Schedule