American Heritage Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you may have documents or personal items that are valuable and are difficult or impossible to replace? If so, an American Heritage safe deposit box is a safe and secure answer. You can rent a safe deposit box at either the East Norriton or Lansdale Branch office.

Items often placed in safe deposit boxes

  • Original asset documents – insurance policies, stock and bond certificates, titles and deeds, leases and contracts
  • Original certificate documents – marriage, birth, death, citizenship, education, professional training
  • Physical assets – rare coins and stamps, jewelry, medals, negatives of irreplaceable photos, valuable collections and mementos
  • Asset lists – inventories of your home contents, on paper and/or in electronic storage media

American Heritage Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees

Box SizeCost
2" x 5" box$20.00 per year*
3" x 5" box$25.00 per year
4" x 5" box$30.00 per year
5" x 5" box$35.00 per year
2" x 10" box$35.00 per year
3" x 10" box$40.00 per year
4" x 10" box$50.00 per year
5" x 10" box$60.00 per year
6" x 10" box$80.00 per year
10" x 10" box$120.00 per year

* AMHFCU members with Protection Checking and Direct Deposit get a free 2" x 5" safe deposit box

NOTE: Sizes available may vary by location

To rent a safe deposit box, visit one these two branches

East Norriton Office

2716 DeKalb Pike
East Norriton PA 19401
(610) 277-7025

Lansdale Office

East Main St
Lansdale PA 19446
(215) 412-2460

Need assistance or have additional questions?

Visit your local American Heritage branch.
Call American Heritage (215) 969-0777
Contact a representative now via online chat.