logo-shared-branch American Heritage Shared Branching

We understand that American Heritage members can be on the road and need to access their banking services. In addition to American Heritage online services, we apart of the Shared Branching Network, which gives you access to 5,300 other credit unions to perform the transactions or use services you need, wherever you are.

At any shared branch locations, you can conduct a range of transactions:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Loan Payments
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Purchase money orders and official checks (Please contact the shared branch prior to going to make sure all services are available at that location)

Learn more about how Shared Branching works:

  • Locate a Shared Branch.
  • Visit find.amhfcu.org 
  • Download the iPhone app: Visit the iTunes store and download “CO-OP Financial Services Branch Locator”
  • By text: Text your location address, intersection or zip code to 91989. You’ll receive a text response with the location of the location of an American Heritage or Shared Banking credit union ATM nearest to the location you requested.

CO-OP Network

American Heritage is also a part of the CO-OP network that provides our members over 30,000 ATMs nationwide. Gain the peace of mind knowing we are third largest ATM network provider.

When you visit a shared branch, please have identification and information ready:

  • Your American Heritage account number
  • Valid government-issued photo identification, like a state driver’s license or US passport