Getting Pre-Approved Makes Sense

Pre-approved auto loanDuring the shopping experience, understanding exactly how much car you can afford is essential. When you start by getting a pre-approved auto loan, you add power and ease to your shopping and buying experience. During the early stages of car research, this will help you narrow down the vehicles that fit your lifestyle and most of all - your budget. There is no sense shopping for a car you can’t afford. We all know there’s nothing like the thrill of a new car, but also nothing like the pain of a payment that you can’t afford each month.

When you have a pre approved auto loan, dealers immediately know you are a “qualified buyer” and this allows you to have more control during the purchasing and negotiation process. Be sure to add in all taxes, extended warranties and insurances into the your pre-approval amount. An American Heritage loan officer is here to help you during every step with these calculations if you have questions.

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