American Heritage's car buying experience powered by TrueCar®

How does TrueCar work?

Skip the hassle of negotiating at the dealership by following this easy car buying experience.

Step 1: See What Others Paid For The Car You Want
Start by researching your desired make and model and then select your preferred color and options. You can see what others are paying for the new car you want or you can search a vast inventory of used cars.

American Heritage car buying experience powered by TRUECarStep 2: Get A Member Guaranteed Savings Certificate That Could Save You Thousands Off MSRP
Your price reports show in-depth pricing information for the new car you want based on real-world data. You also get a Members Savings Certificate with your Estimated Member Savings and Pricing as well as your Guaranteed Minimum Savings. Used car certificates show a guaranteed price.

Step 3: Save Time And Money When You Work With A Program Certified Dealer
Print out your Guaranteed Savings Certificate with your new car preferences and your Guaranteed Minimum Savings (or your used car information) to lock in your savings for a hassle-free car buying experience. Take it to the TrueCar certified dealer and you'll be on your way in no time.

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