Crackin' Cards

Scammers use social media to solicit victims and crack into their debit card accounts. These scams leave their victims on the hook for potentially thousands of dollars. 

Someone contacts a student via social media or Craigslist; or they hear about it through a friend of a friend. Victims are responding to social media postings stating “if you have an active bank account and want to make $X,XXX or more respond to this post.” Members then provide their online banking username, password, ATM card and PIN. The fraudsters are then logging into the members online banking and depositing fraud checks, then use the ATM card to withdrawal the funds as they become available. The checks are subsequently returned and the members account is negative. Members response to negative balance is that they did not deposit the checks.

How to avoid being scammed

  1. Never share your debit card information or PIN with anyone.
  2. Don't deposit funds from an unknown source into your account. Scams like the Crackin' Cards Scam rely on you depositing a counterfeit check into your account.
  3. Never involve yourself in a criminal scheme in any way. It is illegal to defraud a financial institution. 

If you believe you have been the victim of any suspected fraud on your American Heritage accounts, contact us immediately