EMV Chip Cards

American Heritage supports technology that protects our members. EMV cards, also called chip or UC cards, have a chip embedded in a credit card that provide a higher level of identity protection than the traditional magnetic strip technology.

American Heritage's credit card partner, MasterCard, was one of the original developers of the EMV smart payment card. MasterCard's smart chip can be found in the newest versions of Platinum Credit Cards and Independence Debit Cards issued by American Heritage.

If you have a Chip MasterCard, you will authorize a transaction by inserting your card into an EMV reader at a merchant store. Depending on the store, you may be asked to complete the transaction with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or with your signature. Some merchants are set up to scan your card using RFID technology and do not require that you physically insert the card.

For online transactions, MasterCard has developed an enhanced authentication process it calls Chip Authentication Program (CAP).

Smart payment cards like our Chip MasterCards protect against fraud and identity theft. Unlike the magnetic strip, your American Heritage Platinum Chip MasterCard cannot be cloned, and you will retain the card in your hand throughout the transaction.

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