Biz Kid$ Expedition

Biz Kids Field Trip"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

Experiential learning is some of the most successfully alternative methods of teaching. Realizing the importance of giving back to our communities and providing resources to the future of the children in it, American Heritage Credit Union has created the Biz Kid$ Expedition.

This Expedition is a unique field trip opportunity for schools to help their students learn important life skills that aren't taught in the everyday classroom. Students will have the chance to visit our main headquarters and learn important financial skills, the Credit Union industry, career development paths, organizational management and much more. Lunch will be provided for each student, staff member, and volunteer.

Students will spend the day rotating between five departments within American Heritage and visit with the President/CEO, Bruce Foulke. In each department, they will learn different trade skills and understand how each one is essential in operating a Credit Union. The departments include:

  • The President/CEO's Office
  • Main Credit Union Branch
  • Marketing/Business Development Department
  • Information Technology Department
  • Contact Center

The students will participate in activities in each department to earn clues to a Financial Scavenger Hunt. They will take the clues to the conclusion of the Expedition, A Financial Workshop. The workshop aims to provide important tricks and tips involving money such a budgeting, myths about Credit Cards, the difference between a Credit Union and bank, and other topics. Through the workshop they'll take their new skills and information from the CEO and American Heritage departments to solve the Financial Scavenger Hunt.

We would love the opportunity to provide this unique learning experience with your school and students. We hope the Biz Kid$ Expedition will serve more than an experiential learning experience, but the start of a new partnership with your school and faculty. 

For more information or to book a Biz Kid$ Expedition with American Heritage, please complete the form below or call our Community Involvement Coordinator at 215-969-2938.